Using This Time to Focus on Your Health in Healthy Ways

Critica COO Catherine DiDesidero posted the note below on her Instagram feed and we felt that everyone should see it:

I’m pretty convinced that the obesity epidemic in America is a large contributor to the vast and rapid spread of Covid-19. This article suggests I’m correct. Indeed, obesity has been shown to be a risk factor for serious complications from infection with the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Obesity is one of those blanket terms that can be applied to various aspects of health.

Another epidemic America was suffering before all of this was the one where we back burner our health and general well-being in favor of other responsibilities – also seconded by this article in relation to blood pressure and hypertension (one doesn’t need to be classified as “obese” to have underlying conditions). One thing that I think this pause has gifted is time– to start creating new and healthy habits. And time to realize that everything else is secondary…HEALTH IS MOST IMPORTANT.

You can’t take care of anyone else until you care for yourself first. Providing for a family is much easier to do from a healthy state of mind and body. So get started now. Learn quick and healthy recipes to integrate into your diet. Find a class or trainer and build your workout into your routine. We can control a lot of these risk factors with a more proactive approach. Taking care of yourself is the best protection you can hope for. Stay home. Stay safe. Be healthy.

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